Intentional. Personalized. Transformative. 

Life is stressful. Life is even more stressful if you are a full time working woman, full time mom, or a full time working mom. Believe me, I know. You need some peace, and I can help.

My programs and private sessions are specifically tailored toward those of you dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, and more. Your yoga sessions will leave you feeling refreshed, peaceful, and empowered. But it doesn't stop when the class ends. I will equip you with tools and techniques to take with you through your busy days to slow down, find moments of peace, and reset. 

You are not alone. You don't have to "deal with it." My intention through Rolling Oaks Yoga is to provide in-person and online opportunities for you to practice yoga, shift your perspective, and find your inner peace. 

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Completely personalized sessions that focus on your specific goals and needs. Build strength and flexibility, improve your alignment, experience physical and emotional healing, and more.

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