About Me

Hi friend! My name is Christina Mattison, and I am the founder of Rolling Oaks Yoga. I discovered yoga back in 2015 while I was on a deployment overseas. It was the hour I desparately looked forward to each week as a break from a very stressful job. When I returned home from deployment, I immediately signed up for the first Yoga Teacher Training I could find, with zero intention to teach. I was only interested in deepening my own personal practice. Surprise! I fell in love with teaching yoga! I received my 200-hour certification and spent the next year teaching as often as my busy schedule would allow. My passion for sharing yoga with others has grown and intensified over the past few years, resulting in me pursuing and receiving my 500 hour teaching certificate in 2020.

I have struggled with anxiety, chronic stress, and negative self-talk, things I know you may fight with daily. My yoga programs and classes are crafted intentionally to integrate yoga asana, breathing, and meditation that will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. 

My faith and my family are the two most important things to me. I married a wonderful man, Josh, in 2011. We have a little girl, and she is one heck of a little firecracker. They inspire me every day to be the best version of myself, something that I work on every day. Spoiler alert - I'm a better version of myself when I do yoga!

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