This 8 week holistic program empowers YOU to take ownership of your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness by establishing sustainable habits and transforming your relationship with yourself. 


  • You want to feel STRONG and CONFIDENT in your body, but you're exhausted and don't have time
  • You want to be more "mindful" but don't know where to start
  • You've quit other programs because they had ZERO accountability and didn't actually CHANGE your mindset

Christina Mattison
500 CYT, Wellness Coach

Yes, this is so me!

I get it... I've been there.

You feel guilty for prioritizing yourself over everything else that wants your attention.

You struggle getting motivated to wake up early or get off the couch to exercise.

You wish you felt stronger and more confident in your body.

You wish you had the tools to better navigate stress, anxiety, and life's challenges.

This was me, but everything changed when I found yoga and started investing time into myself.

I created the Yoga Strong program to help women like YOU feel powerful, worthy, and capable.

"If you want someone who truly cares, works with clients in almost any situation, and is extremely knowledgeable on the art of yoga and meditation then Christina is the instructor for you." - Sarah M.

YOGA STRONG Weekly Modules

You ARE Worth It - STOP Feeling Guilty for Prioritizing Yourself

Prioritizing your health is NOT an indulgence, it’s a necessity. In this module, we are going to dig deeper into the guilt you may feel, uprooting it from the source. We will be setting the foundation through some grounding practices and positive self-worth affirmations. Together we will explore how caring for yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually should be the #1 priority, because it fuels everything else.  

CORE Values - Get Fired Up for What’s Actually Important in Your Life

In week 2, we will spend time identifying your core values - aka what’s MOST important to you. When you know what’s most important, you know where you need to set boundaries in order to create time and space for your priorities. Personal core values are guiding principles that dictate our behavior and decisions. 

Bedtime Routines - Fall Asleep FASTER and Get Better QUALITY Sleep

As busy, high-achieving women, sleeping can be a serious problem sometimes. We can’t fall asleep because our brain is spinning away, we wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep, or we stay up way too late and don’t get enough sleep, period. This module will focus on preparing the body and mind for sleep through relaxation techniques, quality sleep hygiene, and tools for improving your overall quality of sleep.

CREATE the Motivation - Get Out of Bed and Off the Couch

Ready for some serious mindset work? This week, I’m going to teach you how to shift away from external motivators and find your internal motivation. We are going to use those core values from week 2, paired with your willpower and establishing small, regular actions in order to retrain your brain from unmotivated to fired up!

You’re NOT Weak - Unleash Your Inner WARRIOR QUEEN

This is going to be a super fun week where we unleash our inner queens! Together, we are going to explore all the many ways you are AMAZING and WONDERFUL. Our yoga, meditation, and journaling will focus on nurturing your inner goddess, connecting with your body and senses, and unlock your true self!

Ride the Wobbles - Handle Stress and Difficult Emotions with GRACE

Have you ever been in Tree Pose, and you wobbled all over the place, struggling to find your balance? In yoga, the goal is actually not to be perfectly still, but to connect with your body to “ride the wobbles.” In this module, we are going to work on riding the wobbles, both in our bodies and in our minds. I’ll give you tools to increase your emotional awareness and mindfulness techniques to navigate the waves of life, both the ups and the downs. Awareness of your body and emotions will enable a deeper connection, better balance, and a more graceful experience… on or off the mat.

Sun’s Out, Guns Out - Feel CONFIDENT and POWERFUL in Your Body

If you had a friend constantly criticizing you, comparing you to others, and pointing out your flaws, would you continue to be friends with her? No way! You’d kick that bish to the curb. So, if we wouldn’t accept this criticism from our friends, why do we tolerate it from ourselves? Our inner dialog can be our harshest and most consistent critic. Together, we are going to learn how to rewire our brain’s negativity bias and shift our inner dialog to a place of kindness and confidence!

Habit to Lifestyle - Long-Term SUSTAINABLE Wellness

In our last week, we are going to focus on setting a long-term, sustainable wellness habit. Taking care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health is critical to us feeling great, caring for others, and living a peace-filled and joyful life. Self-care is the highest form of self-respect, and self-respect improves self-confidence and self-worth. You will move forward with confidence and clarity in choosing yourself without guilt, doubt, or hesitation.

I'm ready, sign me up!


What do I get with the program?

  • 3 pre-recorded yoga classes every week - 2 shorter fitness classes, 1 longer mobility-focused class
  • 8 meditation tracks, 8 positive affirmation tracks
  • Weekly journaling prompts and workbook
  • 2 one-on-one coaching calls with me
  • 8 live community calls
  • Access to the Members Only Facebook Group
  • Access to the content forever - it doesn't expire!

What if I'm a yoga beginner?

Don't worry! When you sign up for the program, you get automatic access to my Yoga Beginner Clinic video series. These 5 classes will help you learn proper alignment within fundamental poses, how to safely enter and exit poses, and some basic flows that we will use throughout the program.

I'm so busy, what if I don't have time?

This course is NOT meant to be one more thing on your To-Do list. Instead, view it as an investment in your overall wellbeing. Strengthen your body to support you in your fitness and functional movement goals, increase stability of your joints and core, and alleviate distracting pain and tension. The mindset work and mindfulness tools I'm going to give you will boost your mental wellness, improving your ability to manage stress, overcome obstacles, process difficult emotions, motivate yourself, and develop laser-focus on your goals. By making the time, you will create more time! You'll start developing efficiency, eliminating distractions, and tossing out the stuff that doesn't serve you.

I'm dealing with an injury. Can I still do this program?

I highly encourage you to connect with your body and listen to it. I will be offering modifications for many of the poses and exercises I'll be teaching. I also use props such as yoga blocks, pillows, and blankets to make poses more accessible. Let's chat about it on your free connection call so we can work on it together!

What happens after I sign up for a Connection Call?

You'll get a link to my calendar and select a time slot that works for you. We'll meet virtually on Zoom to talk through your current challenges with your physical and mental wellness, and your future vision for where you'd like to be. If and only if you're a good fit for the program, I'll share all the details about the program, to including pricing. After enrolling, you'll get access to our private Facebook group plus some awesome welcome materials.

When does the program start?

I'm currently enrolling for the Beta program, which launches on May 18, 2020.

Yoga Strong | 2020